Anna Przybylska would have turned 44 years old. Husband and children remembered the actress

Anna Przybylska would have turned 44 years old.  Husband and children remembered the actress

Anna Przybylska would have turned 44 years old. Husband and children remembered the actress

In October 2014, Anna Przybylska lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. The 35-year-old actress left her husband, former footballer Jarosław Bieniuk, and three children. On December 26, the second day of Christmas, the artist adored by viewers would celebrate her 44th birthday. Relatives of the deceased recently mentioned her struggle with the disease on social media.

“When my mother got cancer, we tried to talk to each other as much as possible. We talked a lot then, but sometimes only two words were enough: ‘I love you’ or ‘I will remember'” – recalls her daughter Olivia Bieniuk in a post she posted on her Instagram profile on December 14. In the photo, he poses with his father, Jarosław Bieniuk. From the further part of the description, we learn that they both became ambassadors of the campaign, which aims to provide support to the relatives of people with cancer. The girl’s father posted the same information on his account.

The Bieniuks were in such a situation 8 years ago. At the beginning of 2013, actress Anna Przybylska, Oliwia’s mother and Jarosław’s wife, found out that she had pancreatic cancer. She died after eighteen months of battling the disease on October 5, 2014. She was 35 years old. Oliwia Bieniuk published her new post less than two weeks before her mother’s next birthday. On December 26, Przybylska would celebrate her 44th birthday.

Born in 1978, Anna Przybylska became famous thanks to her roles in popular series, including “Złotopolskie” or “Far from the Stretcher”, as well as the films: “Career of Nikoś Dyzma”, “Ticket to the Moon”, “Golden Mean”, “Rysiu” or “The Season for Bream”. She was also known for the fact that, together with Bieniuk, a former football player, Lechia Gdańsk and Amica Wronki, she was one of the most popular couples in Polish show business. Previously, Przybylska was married to tennis player and entrepreneur Dominik Zygra, but this marriage lasted only a few months and ended in divorce in 2001.

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Anna Przybylska. What was the actress sick with?

With Bieniuk, the actress had three children: 20-year-old Oliwia, 16-year-old Szymon and 11-year-old Jan. They all lived in Gdynia, Przybylska’s hometown. She and Bieniuk did not get married, but they intended to be associated for life. Their plans, as well as Przybylska’s professional dreams, were thwarted by a diagnosis made by doctors in early 2013. The examination showed that the actress has pancreatic cancer. At first it seemed like a fairly benign lesion, then it turned out that the tumor is malignant. The situation was deteriorating very quickly.

Anna Przybylska died at the age of 35TVN

Treatment neither in Poland nor in Poland helped Switzerland. In an interview with the magazine “Viva!” Anna Przybylska’s sister, Agnieszka Kubera, confessed that in retrospect she regretted that the actress and her family did not decide to undergo treatment in China. The doctors there wanted to transplant Przybylska with stem cells. We had no confidence, no determination. Then Ania got chemotherapy, she felt a little better. Then she lived a science program in the States. And time was running out. I think that if this were to happen for the second time in my life, I would probably mortgage the house, cars and go, whatever happens, she assured.

Oliwia Bieniuk mentioned her mother

In an interview with the site dziendobrytvn.pl Oliwia Bieniuk recalledthat after her mother’s death, her relationship with her father temporarily deteriorated. “My mum was the one who raised me strictly, and my dad was the one who, when we were arguing, would say, ‘Stop it girls, it doesn’t make sense. He was our mediator. My mother was very pedantic, she liked to clean and raised us very hard. Three children: two boys and one girl, is quite a challenge. When my mother left, it changed, and I started to mature, I changed, I started to rebel. Dad had to become the bad cop and we didn’t like each other. Now it’s very good, I’m big and I make my own decisions – said Przybylska’s daughter.

The 20-year-old has already left her family home, after graduating from high school, she went to study in Warsaw. Her father is currently associated with the model Zuzanna Pactwa, who lives with him and his other two children.

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