Anna Mucha with a pink flamingo. Fans’ opinions are divided

Anna Mucha belongs to the stars who do not shy away from controversy. Sometimes she doesn’t even have to do anything special to evoke emotions. It was the same this time. Her photo at the pool with a pink flamingo did not go unnoticed.

A hat on the head, as befits a sensible beach girl, blue water and a matching blue manicure – Anna Mucha looks like from the cover in this photo. However, it is not she who arouses the greatest interest. The main character is a pink flamingo.

“It’s best with a bird”, “There is no way to sit on a large bird” – Internet users joke.

However, the photo did not make a sufficient impression on everyone. “No madness”, “I miss sometimes controversial photos”, “Such a big girl should rather swim on a unicorn” – we read in the comments.

It is worth recalling that recently Anna Mucha amazed fans by playing the role of … Patryk Vega’s mother. The film will hit theaters on September 30. “In many respects, this experience was one of the most difficult to date (…) and it was a real acting challenge,” she confessed.

Earlier, the actress was hit for allegedly pulling the belly into the picture and stayed criticized for the figure. Some internet users decided that the star has gained weight and is too fat. “Well … he attaches great importance to what I eat. Sometimes the importance also attaches to me” – replied Mucha.

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