Anna Mucha about quiet days. What did someone close to her do?

Anna Mucha about quiet days. What did someone close to her do?

Anna Mucha is in great contact with Internet users. This time she decided to show them what happened to her. Unfortunately, there is no good news.

Anna Mucha is one of the most popular people in show business, which she entered in the 90s. The star won the sympathy of millions of Poles by playing in such productions as: Young Wolves 1/2, Boys Don’t Cry, Oh Karol 2, Screwed 2 if M like love. He also appears regularly in theaters. She tries her hand not only as an actress, but also as a presenter. The star is a real volcano of energy, and her positive approach to life infects her fans.

The 42-year-old also worked on television for several months as a program reporter Good morning TVNfor which she led a travel series fly does not sit. It is known that she loves traveling and constantly visits new places. The star recently returned from a long trip to the United States, which she went with her partner Jacob Wonsem.

Over the ocean she enjoyed life and did not deny herself any pleasures. The star also did not avoid alcohol and even recorded a relationship for the fans, being under the influence of percentages.

I dare. We got to the point where I’m not sober, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m crazy curious about it, and that’s wonderful because they’re going to watch it in the morning. Wonderful! I’ll be drunk in this video, and they’ll get up. What is tomorrow, today day? They will get up for work already – she told the fans.

Anna Mucha about the scandal at home

Anna Mucha she is known not only for her roles, but also for her sharp tongue and incredible honesty. He doesn’t hide much from his fans and likes to talk about his private life. Her alluring figure has always attracted a lot of attention. It can boast of curves on which gentlemen willingly hang their eyes. Lately she boasted in the network of buttock and pants that did not last and broke in the least appropriate place.

She herself does not hide that she loves to eat, and above all she loves butter. She talked about how she cares for her figure in front of our camera.

I assume black. Seriously, I’m not obsessed with what it looks like on me. I am filled with butter, I am filled with the love of food, the joy of life. Well. This is what it looks like – she revealed in an interview with our reporter.

So it’s no wonder that recent events in her home have made for quiet days. It turns out that someone broke a glass butter dish with its great delicacy. Perhaps it had some special meaning for the actress or her partner.

There will be quiet days at home. Who is to know, knows … – she wrote, showing the photo.

Ania was hurt a lot, but why be surprised, since one of her favorite products has recently become more expensive, and the butter dish was very stylish.

You can get all the bugs in our gallery, and below you can listen to our interview with Mucha, in which he talks about his diet.

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