Anna Lewandowska showed the faces of the little daughters. How do they look?

Anna Lewandowska has added a new photo of her daughters online, which is impossible to look at. The girls have identical styling and hairstyles. They literally look like twins. How cute!

Anna and Robert Lewandowscy in July they moved permanently to Spain. Before that, the family lived in a lot of uncertainty for many months. The footballer expressed a desire to change the club, but the authorities of Bayern Munich, where he played for eight years, and FC Barcelona could not agree on the financial terms of the transfer. At the beginning of the summer holidays, however, everything was buttoned up and Robert was given the green light. Thus, he has been a Catalan player for two months and is doing great, scoring more goals in La Liga.

The start of a sports career in a new club meant that the family was in for a real revolution and a move to a new country. The Lewandowski daughters obviously had to change their school and kindergarten. It is known that 5-year-old Klara, who started her education at a prestigious institution, she coped well with her first days at the new school.

Adaptation at school is not very easy, probably for many parents. However, today Klara was very brave, so it’s time for ice cream – she praised the consolation.

Anna Lewandowska showed the faces of the little daughters. What do Klara and Laura look like?

Ania is very active on Instagram and runs an account that is followed by over 3 million people. It is an excellent result and one of the best in Polish show business. There, she shows only her businesses, but above all, what her everyday life looks like. It is known that recently she has been focused primarily on moving, which she also reported on the web.

Last weekend, the star reacted strongly, having fun at a party to celebrate his 34th birthday. She made a getaway with friendsand, of course, her daughters were waiting for her after returning home.

Their mother decided to show the latest photo of Klara and Laura. Her kids had identical styling and hairstyles. You can also see their cute faces in the frame. They literally look like twins. The photo of the daughters, which the trainer showed, can be found in our gallery. It is true that girls are extremely cute?

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