Anna Lewandowska is finishing the move. The influencer showed her home?

Anna Lewandowska she moved with her husband Robert Lewandowski and their two little daughters to Spain. The couple decided live in the capital of this country after a footballer became a striker FC Barcelona club.

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Anna Lewandowska is about to move out. Influencer showed home?

The famous influencer from separating and organizing space is Agnieszka Witkowska, who creates as The Architect of Order. On her Instagram on Monday, August 15, she informed her followers that he goes to Spain to help a famous family organize a house after their move.

After visiting a luxury mansion on social media, she showed a short video shot in wardrobe. You can see on it a collection of glasses of almost 30 pieces! At least one of the logos can be seen there luxury brands – Celine. The Architect of Order placed the glasses in the organizers in the drawer. The case is located on the lower shelf.

Our mysterious organizational trip to Spain will probably lose its mystery in a moment “

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