Anna Lewandowska in the hospital with her daughter. What happened?

Anna Lewandowska worried the fans. In the Instagram report, she showed a photo from the hospital and confessed that it was a hard time for her and her little daughter. What happened?

Anna and Robert Lewandowscy can be synonymous with success. The spouses fulfill themselves not only in sports, but also in business. With their hard work, they have come to the point that their name has become a recognizable brand. They are also the happy parents of Klara and Laura.

Ania and Robert inculcate in their daughters the principles that they themselves took from their family homes.

I wanted it to be natural, and I guess it is. I managed to instill sport in Klarcia, this sporting spirit. When I ask: “Klara, are we going to the playground or the gym?”, She will choose the gym. However, I would like girls to have some of the most important values, which we always talk about with my husband, that it would be a sport, it will also show this path, how important it is, how to arrange them. However, it is important that they have this love, that they love people, that they love themselves, that they are good people, that they are helpful to others, definitely the values ​​that are also in us – said Ania in City of Women.

It is also important that they want to teach girls to respect money:

We want children to have respect for people above all, and that they should also respect money and all things. I think, my husband can see here already, he would like our children to know that money has to be earned and that money does not come from an ATM – she emphasized.

Who in their house is it bad copthat is, according to the stereotype, the parent who disciplines children more.

What do you think? Ania teased.

It turned out that Robert in their home is the one who demands more. What is certain, however, is that Clare and Laura do not lack anything, and their parents take care of their comprehensive development. The older of the daughters has just entered a prestigious school in Barcelona.

However, not everything always goes according to plan, as Ania confessed on Instagram. Her daughter fell ill and ended up in the hospital.

Anna Lewandowska in the hospital with her daughter

On Monday, in Ania’s Instagram report, a photo appeared in which we see a girl lying in a bed that looks like a hospital:

As the ambassador of the SKS program, I was supposed to support the physical activity of children at Torwar in Warsaw. But unfortunately fate thwarted our plans … It was a hard day. Fortunately, we’re getting better. I wish you all health! – wrote Anna.

According to her publications, Lewandowska is currently in Poland and is enjoying a beautiful autumn. Unfortunately, some disease caused her daughter – it is not clear whether Klara or Laura, ended up in the care of specialists. We join the trainer’s important words and wish you a quick return to form.

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