Anna Lewandowska boasts about vacation shots. Among them is a lovely picture of Robert with his daughters

Anna Lewandowska she willingly posts on Instagram photos of cute moments with her children and husband. This time she boasted about photos taken with an analog camera. Holiday frames look very charming. Robert is not missing in the photos LewandowskiKlara and Laura, and even a doggy.

Anna Lewandowska publishes vacation footage. Lovely photos

The fashion for analog photography returned a few years ago. More and more people decide to buy an old film camera. Some people look for a traditional camera in the things of their parents or grandparents. It was also found by Anna Lewandowska, who praised the holiday photos she had developed. In the first one, she poses with her husband in glasses. In the next shot you can see Robert Lewandowski riding a bicycle with his daughters. The photo looks cute and will definitely be a great souvenir for girls. In subsequent frames, you can watch a trainer with a dog or on a boat.

The fans of the star liked the analog photos very much. In the comments under the post you could read:

I love you, your naturalness.

Cool! Cool family.

There is a climate.

Celebrity fans especially liked the last photo. In the comments they wrote:

My favorites-last. As always, Ania is smiling.

Selfiak at the end mega.

Anna Lewandowska style shirt. Model from Reserved

Our attention was especially drawn to the penultimate photo, namely stylization from this photo. Anna Lewandowska chose an elegant, red set, supplemented with white accessories. The whole thing looked very fashionable and stylish. You can find shirts of a similar style on sale at Reserved. They are distinguished by lapels, like a jacket, instead of a classic collar. Models with this cut are also available in Zara.

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