Angelique Kerber has announced that she is pregnant and will therefore not appear at the US Open

Angelique Kerber is the daughter of Sławomir Kerber and Beata Rzeznik. She is the winner of three Grand Slam tournaments in singles – Australian Open (2016), US Open (2016) and Wimbledon (2018). In addition, she also won silver at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Now, however, tennis will come to the fore. After all, she’s about to be a mummy!

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Lovely words by Angelique Kerber

– For the next few months I will have a break from traveling and playing. However, the reason is the best possible. Being a professional athlete is everything to me, but I am grateful for the new path that I am now following. Honestly, I’m nervous and excited at the same time. I really wanted to play in the US Open, but in the end she decided that two for one was not a fair competition, the tennis player wrote in her social media. This is not yet confirmed, but the child’s father is likely Franco Bianco, the tennis player’s current partner.

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