Andrzej Twarowski leaves Canal +. In November, he will start working in the new editorial office

Andrzej Twarowski leaves Canal +. Presserwis confirmed that the commentator will soon start working in Viaplay.

Information about the transfer of Twarowski already in July was provided by the portal “WP Sportowe Fakty”. According to “Pressserwis”, the journalist resigned a few months ago, but the competition ban is in force until the end of October.

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Twarowski has not appeared on Canal + since the beginning of this season. The station lost to Viaplay the right to broadcast the English league, which he commented over the years. It is true that, under a sub-license, it shows two selected matches each round, but it presents them with a journalistic setting from Viaplay.

The host of “Her Majesty the Premier League” has also changed. Twarowski was replaced in this role by Przemysław Rudzki.

This will be the next transfer of the commentator on the Canal + – Viaplay line. Before this season, the platform’s editorial board was joined by, among others Przemysław Pełka and Adrian Olek.

For years, Twarowski was one of the most recognizable Canal + journalists. He gained popularity not only thanks to commenting on Premier League matches, but also managing magazines “Liga +” and “Liga + Extra”.

He left the station for a few months in November 2017, when he became involved in the creation of the radio station “Zapinamy Pasy”. However, he returned to Canal + in July 2018.

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