Andrzej Duda on separatists’ “referenda”: It’s lame. The result is scheduled for the Kremlin

– Russia’s intention in the war against Ukraine is to erase it from the map of the world, and its stake is the right of Ukrainians to exist as a nation – said US President Joe Biden on Wednesday in a speech before the UN General Assembly in New York.

– It was an adequate statement. Without referring to Putin’s speech, without polemics, with a very dry assessment of the facts that will be dealt with in occupied Ukraine, while maintaining the firm line of the United States, said President Duda in Joe Biden’s speech.

The theme of the program “Yes is” was also address of the president of Russia concerning partial mobilization and pseudo-referenda in the occupied territories in Ukraine.

These are artificial referenda, linden, it is known in advance that this has nothing to do with honesty. It even insults democracy and it is known that the result is planned in the Kremlin – said President Duda.

– There is no war on Russian territory and there will be no war on Russian territory, in fact the Ukrainians are fighting to reclaim their land. The pretext can always be found – said Duda about the nuclear threats of President Putin.

– I believe that Putin and his entourage are aware of what it means: using it to the least extent will break the taboo, which will have consequences that cannot be predicted, and Russia will become the enemy of the whole world – explained the president.

In the “Czarno na biały” program on TVN24 the report “Strength of lies” was broadcastin which materials indicating that the Macierewicz subcommittee had research results that contradicted the thesis about an explosion in the wing of the presidential Tu-154 plane flying to Smolensk, and which have not been published, were presented.

President Duda was asked about the accusations that appeared in the public space against Macierewicz.

– I believe that Minister Macierewicz is a man of great merits for the Republic of Poland and that he has always had noble intentions. (…) Various accusations appear, so I allowed myself to ask a very unpleasant question for the opposition: what did Donald Tusk do about the death of the President of the Republic of Poland – said the president.

As he added, he expects an objective look “in both directions. At all costs strive for the truth, and at those who should have established this truth when it was the best time to do so.”

Radosław Fogiel, spokesman for Law and Justice, expressed his faith that Andrzej Duda would prove to be a supporter of postponing local elections. According to Gazeta Wyborcza, the ruling party has already concluded an agreement with the president on this matter.

– What will the president decide? – asked Marcin Wrona.

– The most sensible, listening to different voices, also to the National Electoral Commission. I will wait for what proposal will be submitted – explained the president.

As he added, he is not a supporter of a significant postponement of these elections, because he does not want to disturb democratic processes, but he wants the voting to be as clean as possible.

Source: TVN24

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