Andrew Tate detained in Romania on charges of human trafficking. The pizza boxes gave away his location

Andrew Tate detained in Romania on charges of human trafficking.  The pizza boxes gave away his location

Andrew Tate detained in Romania on charges of human trafficking. The pizza boxes gave away his location

Romanian prosecutors have confirmed that former professional kickboxer and controversial internet personality Andrew Tate is among a group of people detained in Bucharest. Investigators accuse him of human trafficking, rape and creating an organized criminal group. In Tate’s case, they have already asked the court for a month’s detention.

Washington-born British citizen Andrew Tate was detained for 24 hours on Thursday, along with his brother Tristan and two other suspects in Romaniaafter raids on their properties in Bucharest.

The investigation into the Tate brothers has been ongoing since April, Reuters reported. Both declined to comment to the agency, but their lawyer confirmed their detention.

Andrew Tate detained by Romanian services in BucharestNQUAM PHOTOS / Octav Ganea / Reuters / Forum

“The four suspects appear to have formed an organized crime group focused on recruiting, housing and exploiting women by forcing them to create pornographic content to be viewed on specialized pay-access websites,” prosecutors said in a statement, noting that the suspects in this way they could obtain large sums of money.

Investigators also said they had located six women who had been sexually abused by the suspects. The victims were to be lured by the offer of marriage and drawn into a (fake) emotional relationship. They were then transported to the Ilfov district surrounding the capital, where they were subjected to physical and psychological violence.

Reuters reported on Friday afternoon that Romanian prosecutors had asked a court in Bucharest to extend the detention to 30 days.

He caught the attention of investigators on the Internet

This week, Tate accosted a climate activist online Greta Thunbergtelling her that he owns 33 cars that emit a “huge” amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and can send her a “full list of them.”

“Please enlighten me. Write to me at [email protected],” the Swedish woman replied. The address she provided in English functions as a noun for misogynists.

Tate has recently returned to being active on social media. He has been banned from multiple platforms for his misogynistic comments and hate speech. Recently, however, his boss decided to bring him back to Twitter Elon Musk.

Civil rights expert Alejandra Caraballo of the Harvard Law Cyberlaw Clinic noted Friday night that Tate’s online activities had drawn the attention of investigators.

Among other things, the recording (intended to be a response to Thunberg’s entry), which he published, shows pizza boxes of a local Romanian chain at one point, which could have contributed to confirming that the suspect is in the country. Tate has already signaled in earlier posts that he is in Romania.

Thunberg commented on Twitter: “This is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes.”

Main photo source: NQUAM PHOTOS / Octav Ganea / Reuters / Forum

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