Ancelotti: I’m going to gamble for Benzema

– Vinícius to score 30 goals? Vinícius’ goal is to keep playing the same game with the same mindset. It can shoot more or less, but it was and is decisive. He is a player who plays with continuity. As for his dances, he is Brazilian and he is a great dancer, so I don’t think anyone is bothered by that.

– Who will replace Benzema? The idea is that Hazard played well after coming in with a Celtic and I’m going to field him tomorrow. May he repeat a good match.

– Am I worried about Benzema’s injury in the perspective of the season? This can happen. He had a little problem with the Celtic. Last season he also had a little problem in December. We replaced him well last season and will continue to do so now. We were confident that we played very well with the Celtic without him, especially in the offensive.

– You didn’t see Courtois in training? Courtois had a little problem with his knee, but he trained normally today. But haven’t you seen him? Have you been drinking a cup of coffee? [śmiech] He didn’t actually play grandfather, but trained on the side with coach Luis Llopis. I feel good. He didn’t train in the previous two days because he had little problems, but he will play tomorrow.

– Plan for Benzema’s return? The plan is to get him back without forcing. He will definitely not play on Wednesday and we will see if he can play in the derby. It is clear that if he does not play in the derby on Sunday, he will not fly for the squad.

– Do I have a natural substitute for Benzema? We do not have a natural substitute, because Karim is the best striker in the world. He is not on the market, but we can replace him with other players with different characteristics.

– Could this be Ceballos’ match from the beginning? It can be like that.

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