Ancelotti: Gol Modricia changed the game

[Onda Cero] Today everyone was looking at Tchouaméni after his previous average performance. Was it today the Tchouaméni that we can actually watch? He has a large margin of development, but resembled Casemiro a lot [śmiech Carlo]. It’s hard to compensate, but there was something to it that we’ve seen so many times with Casemiro, right?
As we say, Tchouaméni has different qualities from Casemiro and he played very well today. He showed what he usually shows in training. He played with personality, he was great without the ball, he defended very well. He used the team’s good game. He felt comfortable because the team played very well. Especially the midfield with him, Modric and Camavinga did a very good job with Valverde who is always important defensively.

[SER] Modrić received an ovation from Balaídos and scored the goal that marked the match. What do you think about Modriciu?
Immortal. He is immortal. Luka is always ready, always prepared, always playing very well. It’s true that his goal changed the game. Until his goal the game was balanced, there was a lot of fight. Celta was really pushing in the first half, they were pressing well and we had trouble in possession. In the second half, they lowered the intensity and we got the ball well and our moves into the attack were spectacular.

[COPE] Valverde plays for the first squad in all their games and seems to have some place in the attack. Does it convince you in this position? [śmiech Carlo] Will it record further continuity there or will it rather return to the center of the field?
I think he understands very well that he is not a winger. He manages his position perfectly. I feel comfortable there. I still think he is a very good central midfielder. However, it is also true that in this position it helps us a lot. With him the defensive aspect is much tougher, but now Rodrygo is back and he too has a lot of qualities. He can help us there too. He will play differently and the team from Rodrygo will play differently, but Federico has no problem playing there. He’s also starting to score goals, and that’s important.

[Radio MARCA] After the departure of Casemiro and such performances of Camavinga and Tchouaméni, can one speak, as Del Bosque put it, of a pleasant passage?
[chwila zastanowienia] Yeah yeah. We have to think about this transition. It might be nice, it might be a little harder, but no problem. Veterans understand this very well, because the young also showed in the previous season that they deserve a place. Therefore, the understanding of the veterans and the patience of the young are important for the good management of the locker room.

[Radio Nacional] Benzema handed Hazard a penalty in a very nice gesture. How do you judge it also for the fact that it went wrong?
I rate this as a very good gesture by Karim towards Eden, who was brief but in my opinion showed that he was coming back. He rubbed well 2-3 times, played intensely. I don’t think it matters that he wasted that penalty. He usually does them very well. It is important that Eden shows that he is coming back.

[OkDiario] You highlighted your transition to an attack in the second half. Do you think when your team can run like that and show physical power, it will be hard for you to lose points?
I think when the match opens, with these players and their energy, it will be very difficult. If we have a goal-to-goal match, I think we feel good because we have a lot of energy and a lot of speed.

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