American F-16s and Abrams for Ukraine? “We’ll finally get them …”

American F-16s and Abrams for Ukraine? “We’ll finally get them …”

In the evaluation Reznikov of the West they will pass Kiev its advanced armaments on condition that it is preceded by “Washington’s political decision.”

Soon after I became Defense Minister in November last year, I came to the US and asked for the Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. I was then told it was impossible. I asked them why. I heard he forbids it lawbut there are also political issues. Later, in January, a month before the Russian invasion, we received the first shipment of Lithuanian Stingers. We got them with the consent of the US – admitted the minister in an interview published on Tuesday. He added that the acquisition by Kyiv of, among others, US missile systems HIMARSthanks to which the Ukrainian army destroyed many of the enemy’s ammunition stores and command points.

Reznikov: The entire civilized world should try to find a solution

I am convinced that when (to Ukraine) the first American Abrams tanks arrive, we will also receive German Leopards, Marders and other types of (Western) tanks and armored vehicles. – He said. Reznikov drew attention to the great threat posed by Iranian drones used by Russia and called on Western countries to act more decisively in this matter. The entire civilized world should try to find a solution to jam or disable (these drones), because one day they will use this equipment (also) against Western targets. They will reach for this (weapon) because it is very effective. I think that is a real challenge (also) for Europe and NATO Politico assessed the interlocutor.

Due to enemy attacks, among others with the help of drones, “priority number one” remains Ukraine’s achievement of modern air defense systems. Therefore, it would be a good idea to make joint efforts in this regard with Poland and Great Britainthat thanks to the support of these countries it would be possible to produce anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems in Ukraine, suggested Reznikov.

“When you have such a crazy neighbor, the risk is always there”

In the evaluation minister An important undertaking aimed at gaining greater effectiveness on the battlefield and better coordination of cooperation with allies would also be the establishment, for example, in Poland, Romania or Slovakia, of a “technologically advanced repair and servicing center” for Ukrainian military equipment. Reznikov also referred to the threat related to the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons by Russia. In opinion policy the risk of such an escalation is currently not high, but cannot be completely ruled out. When you have such a crazy neighbor you have to understand that there is a risk (always), but … I’m not convinced that (the opponent) is technically ready to use nuclear weapons. I think the Russians themselves are not sure either “ said the minister.

He also stressed that the more likely scenario is provocation The Kremlin in the south of Ukraine, i.e. the destruction of an important civilian infrastructure facility in the vicinity Chersonia or Kakhovkiand then accusing the authorities of Kiev. Then again there would be the Russians’ “response” (in the form of) an attack on our water supply, power plants or other types of critical infrastructure. As it happened (at the beginning of October) after the explosion on the Crimean Bridge “ – Reznikov predicts.

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