All Saints 2022. Will there be no candles? How much will they be more expensive?

Inflation and rising prices of electricity and gas affect not only the average Kowalski, but also individual sectors of the economy. Therefore, the following are expected, inter alia, higher prices for candles. There may even be a problem with their availability. Will candles before November 1 become a scarce commodity?

All Saints 2022. Rising candle prices

The prices of the candles are probably coming in years will be higher and higher. The reasons are the growing production costs and the availability of semi-finished products, incl. paraffin. Prices glasses increased by about 60%, which is already felt when buying candles. It becomes more expensive due to the growing costs of utilities needed in the production process. Increases in consumption prices gas they range between 400 and 900 percent, and in extreme situations even 1,200. Some companies, such as Glassworks Gloss in Pońcu, had to stop work, while fighting for government aid.


Where to allocate money during record inflation?
Where to allocate money during record inflation?
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Some companies producing candles, however, will be able to offer competitive, lower prices. This applies to those who do not have to pay more for gas or electricity due to several-year supply contracts. In such situations, the price of these raw materials is constant, thanks to which some plants do not feel the current price increases and do not have to introduce them themselves. Otherwise, the cost to the consumer could soar by up to 500%. This would allow producers to keep their production profitable at current prices for everything.

Another factor behind the increase in the price of candles is the higher cost of paraffin necessary for their production. Due to Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine, this raw material is not obtained from Russia, but from China. This is associated with higher prices (by about 300-400%) and extending the supply chain. So far, paraffin has reached Poland after 2 weeks in wagons. Now it travels by sea for up to three months.

Will there be no candles for All Saints?

Due to the rising prices of glass and paraffin, many companies had to increase the prices of their products. The higher cost of buying candles and the overall inflation that affects all citizens have caused the fear that customers will give up buying a large number of grave candles. For this reason production inputs were reduced and smaller quantities of goods are already delivered to stores. This could lead to an even higher price of candles before November. Nevertheless, the portal estimates that the price peak will not come this season. It will probably be worse in the coming years.

However, the demand for candles is still high. If this trend continues, grave candles could become a scarcity product.

– If the demand does not decrease and customers actually buy what is on the shelves, there may be no candles – warns the president of the Polish Association of Candle and Candle Producers Joanna Karpeta, quoted by the portal

However, it is worth remembering that panic is not advisable. The more people start buying candles, the sooner it may turn out that they will run out and the prices will soar even more. Therefore, it is recommended to slowly make “stocks” before the upcoming November 1st.

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