Aleksandra Szwed about a difficult time during pregnancy

Aleksandra Szwed about a difficult time during pregnancy

Aleksandra Szwed about a difficult time during pregnancy

Aleksandra Szwed addressed the topic of children in the latest interview, which she does not do very often. She confessed how her second pregnancy was going. The actress did not hide that it was an extremely difficult time for her. What happened?

Aleksandra Szwed about motherhood

Aleksandra Szwed and her partner Krzysztof Białkowski are the parents of eight-year-old Borys and a daughter whose name has not been made public. It is known that the girl is two years old. The actress cares very much about her privacy, usually does not mention her family and especially protects her children.

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Aleksandra Szwed about a difficult time during pregnancy
Magdalena Chorzewska on depression
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The star appeared in Kamil Balea’s podcast “Daddy, come on!” for Radio Złote Przeboje, in which she decided to talk about the course of her pregnancies. She confessed that she expected each of her children in completely different conditions. The boy was still born in these “normal” times, a during the second pregnancy, a pandemic broke out, it was also the moment of legislative changes regarding the right to abortion.

The situation in the country affected the well-being of the pregnant woman

The actress did not hide during the conversation that the pandemic, changes in the abortion law and the death of Izabela from Pszczyna had a huge impact on her well-being during pregnancy. There were also health problems.

– I remember my first pregnancy 8 years ago as an extremely fantastic period, the most beautiful nine months of my life. I was walking happiness. The second pregnancy was notorious stress, notorious fear, terror of what was happening, intensified by the storm of hormones said the Swede.

I had disturbing results of my own, at one point I wasn’t sure if I would live to see the end of my pregnancy. It turned out that the doctor who analyzed my research made an unfortunate statement. After consulting with other doctors, we came to the conclusion that you should be careful what you say to patients, because they can be traumatized for life – she added.

Kamil Baleja also decided to ask the actress if she was planning more children now.

This is not a country to bear children. Even remembering the first and second pregnancy, which was in the middle of a pandemic, during legislative changes in our country and certain health assumptions that were a very uninteresting prospect for a woman carrying a child under her heart … I wouldn’t want to. In my opinion, the current times and how this country treats women, potential mothers, does not encourage having children. 500+ is not enough incentive for me to expand my family – Aleksandra confessed.

The star, however, did not rule out expanding the family in the future.

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