Aldona Orman in the past and today. The scenario of life did not spare the beautiful actress

Aldona Orman in the past and today. The scenario of life did not spare the beautiful actress

  • Before she became the star of “Klan” in 2000, Aldona Orman experienced more than one trauma: the death of her beloved mother, her own health problems
  • The actress was born on January 1, 1968 in Przedbórz, and in 1991 she graduated from the Wrocław branch of the Krakow Theater Academy
  • Due to the relationship with Edmund Borucki, the star of “Klan” has a 14-year-old daughter, Idalia, who takes her first steps in the world of art and develops a singing career
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Aldona Orman she gained the greatest popularity playing the role of Barbara Milewska in “Clan” – a seductress who does not hide her fascination with doctor Lubicz (Tomasz Stockinger), but viewers also remember her episodic appearance in “Quo Vadis” Jerzy Kawalerowicz. All thanks to the boldly exposed breasts and undisguised sex appeal of the actress.

Few people, however, know that the sex bomb of Polish cinema she struggled with very difficult experiences, which her life did not spare. The departure of her beloved mother, a serious illness which resulted in her falling into a coma and experiencing clinical death – sounds like a movie script, fortunately with a happy ending.

Aldona Orman, before she became the star of “Klan” in 2000, has experienced more than one trauma. When she was about to receive her drama school diploma from herself Jerzy Stuhr, a misfortune has happened. The actress’s mother was hospitalized and suffered several heart attacks within a few days.

“I spent eight days in the hospital next to her bed, I was with her until the last moments” – she said in “Super Express”.

The death of my beloved mother made it Aldona Orman she went abroad. For several years she performed at the Labor Theater in Munich and in other German theaters. When she returned to Poland at the end of the 1990s, another misfortune befell her. She fell seriously ill – friends found her unconscious, they had to break down the door to the apartment to go to the rescue.

“I passed the first stage of the casting for the ‘Klan’, Monday was supposed to be the next one. On Saturday, I went to the hospital unconscious. It was sepsis. It costs 96% of people with their lives, only a handful can be saved” – she said in one of the interviews.

The actress was in such a serious condition that she fell into a coma and experienced clinical death. It took her another four years to recover.

“For practically four years I was still in the hospital. A week outside, three weeks in the hospital, and so it was over and over again. When I came to the ‘Klan’ for pictures, I often had to go to the hospital first, to get drips and various things to keep my functioning and give I would be happy to have pictures all day later, “she said Aldona Orman in “Question for Breakfast”.

Aldona Orman she is known for many roles in series such as “Klan”, “Colors of Happiness”, “For good and for bad”, “Clay” and “First Love”. She also appeared in the series “Ultraviolet”. Her film debut was the role of Sandra in the movie “Years and Days” (1997). We could also admire her in “Leper” (1999), “Quo vadis (2001),” Tigrysy Europa 2 “(2003),” The Fourth Power “(2004) and” What are guys afraid of, or sex in a smaller city “(2005) ).

Aldona Orman was born on January 1, 1968 in Przedbórz, and in 1991 she graduated from the acting studies at the Krakow branch of the Theater Academy in Wrocław, having already made her theatrical debut. In 1989, she played the role of Marfa Egorovna Babakina in Anton Chekhov’s “Ivanov”.

Due to the relationship with Edmund Borucki the actress has 14-year-old daughter, Idaliawho takes her first steps in the art world and develops a singing career. She won the first prize at the 4th Seia International Song Festival 2018 in Portugal. A year earlier, she triumphed at the Miagia Italiana Festival in Rimini. As a 10-year-old, Idalia also took part in the German edition of the “Voice Kids” program.

“My Idalka cried with happiness! Together with her Dad Edmund Borucki, we are very proud of her. Together we are happy for her success, congratulating at the same time for diligence and perseverance” – wrote Aldona Orman, excited then.

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