Albania. The Russians and the Ukrainian tried to break into military establishments and were detained

Two Russian citizens and a Ukrainian were detained in Albania while trying to break into military facilities in the central part of the country, the Albanian defense ministry said. They are suspected of spying. During their arrest, two soldiers were injured.

“Three citizens with Russian and Ukrainian passports tried to enter the factory,” the ministry said in a statement sent to the media. “The military who guarded the plant reacted immediately, but during their efforts to arrest three foreigners, two of our soldiers were injured,” the statement said. Added stable condition of guards who have sustained eye injuries.

The ministry said that one of the intruders who had broken into the premises and tried to take photos had used a spray containing a neuroparalytic substance against military guards while trying to escape after the arrest. The man was caught, as were the other two people who were detained near the factories.

Arms plants in Gramsh, Albanian Arben Celi / Reuters / Forum

Prime Minister Albania Edi Rama said three people were “suspected of spying”. Military police as well as intelligence and anti-terrorist services were sent to the scene to investigate the incident.

The factory produced AK-47 rifles

Reuters Agency notes that in the summer season Albania is visited by many tourists from Russia and Ukraine. The Gramsh military base is located approximately 70 kilometers from the beaches.

During the communist era, the Albanian Gramsh factory produced an AK-47 rifle.

According to the website of the Albanian Ministry of Defense, the factory today provides manufacturing services to the defense industry. Details were not given. Albania is a member FOR THIS since 2009.

Main photo source: Arben Celi / Reuters / Forum

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