Albania is breaking off diplomatic ties with Iran. Iranian diplomats burned the documents

Iranian diplomats burned documents after breaking diplomatic relations before leaving the embassy in Albania, Reuters reported. Albanian anti-terrorist police appeared on the spot and searched the abandoned building. The severance of relations is a consequence of a massive cyberattack on Albanian servers in July.

Albania broke diplomatic ties with Iran on Wednesday, ordering Iranian diplomats and other embassy personnel to leave the country within 24 hours. This has to do with a massive cyber attack on Albanian servers.

Albania is breaking off diplomatic ties with Iran

The abandoned building was searched by the Albanian anti-terrorist police. Police officers in masks and helmets, with automatic rifles, entered a building near the headquarters of the country’s prime minister Edi Rama on Thursday after two cars with diplomatic license plates left the building, Reuters reports. A Reuters reporter said he had seen a man at an embassy dropping papers into a rusty barrel and then flames appearing in the building.

NATO: We strongly condemn such malicious actions

On the aggravation of the situation on the Albania-Iran line, the North Atlantic Council, which brings together 30 member states, issued a statement FOR THIS.

“We are in solidarity with Albania following the recent cyber attack on its national IT infrastructure. Allies acknowledge statements by Albania and other Allies attributing responsibility for the cyber attack to the Government of Iran. We strongly condemn such malicious cyber activities intended to destabilize and harm the security of the ally and disrupt the daily lives of citizens.” NATO and Allies support Albania in strengthening its cyber defense capabilities to counter such malicious cyber activities in the future, “it wrote.

Iranian Embassy in TiranaPAP / EPA

At the same time, it added that the Allies “are committed to protecting their critical infrastructure, building resilience and strengthening their cyber defenses.” In the future, we will continue to increase vigilance against such malicious cyber activities and support each other to deter, defend and counter the full spectrum of cyber threats, including by considering possible collective responses, “added.

Cyber ​​attack on Albanian servers

In mid-July, the government in Tirana announced that Albania had fallen victim to a massive overseas cyber attack. “Albania is the target of a massive cyber-attack like it has never experienced before. This (…) cyber attack has been synchronized outside Albania,” said the Albanian Council of Ministers in a statement.

“To prevent the destruction of our information system in the attack, the State Agency for Information Society AKSHI temporarily shut down services and other government sites,” he added.

Prime Minister Edi Rama’s Cabinet closed most of the government’s offices in May, giving the government’s e-Albania web portal a leading role in the provision of administrative services.

Tension on the Tehran – Tirana line

Tensions in Tirana’s relations with Tehran have lasted since 2014, when Albania accepted about 3,000. members of the Organization of People’s Fighters of Iran, recognized by the Iranian authorities as a terrorist group. The oppositionists settled near the city of Durres in the western part of the country.

Main photo source: MALTON DIBRA / EPA / PAP

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