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This year, 25 years have passed since his death Agnieszka Osiecka. And although songwriters most often live in the shadows, she did not allow herself to be pushed into the shadows. The artists dreamed that she wrote for them. Maryla Rodowicz was lucky. “Long live the ball”, “Sing sing”, “Nie ma jak pomp” – who does not know the songs promoted by her. Osiecka also wrote for Kalina Jędrusik, Krystyna Sienkiewicz, Andrzej Zaucha, Edyta Geppert, and Anna Szałapak.

Debut in STS

Agnieszka Osiecka was born on October 9, 1936 in Warsaw. Her mother Maria ran literary salons. Dad Wiktor was a respected pianist and composer. Growing up in an artistic home, Agnieszka wanted to be a journalist. First, she studied at the Journalism Department of the University of Warsaw, and then at the Film Directing Department of the PWSTiF in Łódź.

But none of these professions had been written for her. Osiecka accidentally followed a different path. She made friends with artists from the Student Satirist Theater and made her debut there as a songwriter. The avalanche has started. The poet has over 2,000,000 texts to her credit.

Unfortunately, a fun life had a dark side. The alcohol poured in torrents. The wife of Daniel Olbrychski, Krystyna Demska-Olbrychska, confessed bluntly in the book Osiecka. You don’t know that about me “: – She was an alcoholic. She liked to drink vodka, alcohol relaxed her, she was more open, she was joking. But I never saw her drink until she dropped. There was a moment when she got up and went to the room. She had other company to drink to death.

She didn’t like being alone

Osiecka even told her about her addiction daughter Agata Passentwhich Osiecka abandoned when the girl was only six years old.

We had an appointment and she was late. I went where she was drinking and said: “Drunken, you must not speak to me.” Sober or not, she called, begged. I also asked and begged her not to drink – Agata recalled her mother. – Even as a visiting mom, she chose alcohol, not me.

Initially, Osiecka drank for purely social reasons. She didn’t like being alone, she was always looking for company. And when it was already done, vodka was an inseparable element of the meetings.

The alcohol also killed her sorrows after each breakup. Marek Hłasko was the great love of Osieki. She was the wife of film producer Wojciech Frykowski and director Wojciech Jesionka. She was also associated with, inter alia, with the essayist Zbigniew Mentzl and a journalist Daniel Passentwith whom she had a daughter, Agata.

Her life is a prom

With anyone, she did not manage to create a long-term relationship. Her only constant partner was alcohol.

Her alcoholism progressed slowly. It started with the fact that she was a social person. She did not like loneliness. She was always having fun, going out to friends – Agata said in “Gazeta Wyborcza”. – For years she was in a constant state of fogging. She had been able to control it for a long time, eventually lost control. I remember the ceremony at the end of my studies. Friends, their parents, mom and dad, a full room. I asked her, “Don’t drink even today.” “Okay, little daughter, no problem.” And then she got drunk, everyone saw. Forever those goddamn unfulfilled promises Agata said with a heartache.

Agnieszka Osiecka died on March 7, 1997 of colorectal cancer.

You can read about Agnieszka Osiecka’s life in the book “Zachłanne na Życie” by Sławomir Kopra.

Book and audiobook available for purchase here.

Listen to “Agnieszka Osiecka – ZACHŁANNE for life [audiobook-fragment]”he Spreaker.


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