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Agata Buzek’s private life is shrouded in mystery. Just like her last relationship with Jacek Braciak. The couple rarely showed up in public, and some time ago there were rumors of a crisis in their relationship or even parting. However, the interested parties themselves do not comment on this matter. However, it seems that the actress is enjoying life and having a great time. Recently we caught her indulging in affection with a friend. Both ladies walked the streets of Sopot, did their shopping and did not spare each other tender hugs and kisses. We were all the more surprised when we saw the prime minister’s daughter being kissed passionately by Andrzej Chyra. And that wasn’t a scene from the movie …

Agata Buzek and Andrzej Chyra in a passionate kiss

Passers-by could not believe what they were seeing. In the very center of Warsaw, in front of the Palace of Culture and Science, Agata Buzek passionately kissed Andrzej Chyra. The couple made no secret of showing such affection to each other.

See how Buzek and Chyra kiss:

Kiss of Buzek and Chyra is to encourage peace

It turns out that the passionate kisses of Agata Buzek and Andrzej Chyra are part of the KISS4PEACE campaign as part of the International Day of Peace celebrated on September 21. The actress decided to go crazy, because she kissed not only her colleague, but also director Marcin LataƂa. This is for sure all as part of promoting the action?

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