After the death of Elizabeth II, the great-grandchildren received the titles. Meghan wanted it very much

At present, nothing is a foregone conclusion, as there is no official information about the changes to the royal family titles yet. The only certainty is taking the throne by Charles. Accordingly, the titles should change the grandchildren of the king. Will this happen?

According to the hitherto prevailing rules in the royal family, titles after the death of the king / queen should automatically pass on to the next generations. Following the rules inheritance to the thronegrandchildren of King Charles should receive princely titles.

So now Archie and Lilibet they can be called prince and princess. It is known, however, that this matter has long seemed unexplained, and Meghan herself showed great determination to protect her children with appropriate titles.

Duchess Meghan and her craving for children’s titles

Meghan Markle, in an interview conducted by Oprah Winfrey, showed surprise and indignation that Archie did not deserve princely title. The Duchess of Sussex cared about this fact, among others due to the fact that she wanted to provide for her children adequate protection.

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