Adele lost 45 kg, Vega 40, and Big Boy 160. Today they are unrecognizable!

Adele lost 45 kg, Vega 40, and Big Boy 160. Today they are unrecognizable!


Adele’s metamorphosis surprised everyone. All because the artist hid the change for a long time. When she appeared in public, everyone was speechless. We saw the transformation of the singer for the first time in a photo taken by Kinga Rusin at a private party by Beyonce. Star she lost 45 kg!

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson often got the roles of “nice fat girls”. We could laugh at her jokes in “Pitch Perfect” or “Jak romantically”. Now the actress avoids sugar and fast food, and grows sport and goes for walks regularly. He’s losing his eyes. In 2020, she made a bet with Instagram fans that she would lose 75 kg. Thighs her out?

Tomasz Sekielski

Tomasz Sekielski lost over 70 kg. His metamorphosis also makes a huge impression. It started with a stomach reduction.

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“Big Boy”: I was afraid that I would die

Patryk Vega

Patrick Vega It doesn’t look like it used to be either. Diet, gym … just intense body work. Effect? The director lost 40 kg!

Mateusz Borkowski “Big Boy”

Mateusz Borkowski’s metamorphosis from the “Googlebox” program is the most spectacular. Known to a wider audience as “Big Boy”, the man lost over 160 kg! In the beginning, like Sekielski, he underwent gastric reduction surgery. He documented everything on social media. He also shared unpleasant consequences, such as the problems of excess skin that remained after losing weight.

Sylwia Bomba

Sylwia Bomba, also star “Gogglebox”, got rid of as much as 20 kg. Diet and exercise in the gym – this is her recipe for success. The star’s metamorphosis is best seen in a photo combined with a photo from high school.

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