Actress Barbara Radecka has died. “She gave up cancer treatment”

Actress Barbara Radecka has died.  “She gave up cancer treatment”

Actress Barbara Radecka has died. “She gave up cancer treatment”

Polish film and theater actress Barbara Radecka is dead. Recently, doctors diagnosed her with cancer, but she gave up treatment. On the day of her death, the woman was 85 years old.

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1. Actress Barbara Radecka has died

On Saturday, January 21, the Polish actress Barbara Radecka died at the age of 85. The news of her death was first reported by the Film Polski news service. The sad news in social media was confirmed by the grandson of the deceased, Michał Bernard Radecki, who posted a touching entry on his Facebook profile.

“My grandmother, Katarzyna (Barbara) Radecka, died today. She passed away peacefully, at home, with her husband, my grandfather Janusz, with whom she spent 63 years. She was an actress and theater director, artist, politician and feminist. She was socially active – she supported children from orphanages, whom she often took partly under the care and upbringing of. Until recent years, she had inexhaustible energy – one of her original projects in later years was the amateur Pogotowie Poetic Theater, existing since 2012, “he wrote.

2. The actress gave up cancer treatment

In the post he shared, the granddaughter of Barbara Radecka also informed that doctors had recently diagnosed her tumor. As he wrote, she preferred to leave peacefully and “on her own terms”, so she opted out of treatment.

Television viewers associate Barbara Radecka mainly with such series as “Na Wspólnej”, “On Signal”, “Pitbull” or “Przyjaciółki”. In addition, she regularly performed on the stage of the Teatr Dramatyczny im. Aleksander Wegierka in Bialystok and Lubuski Theatre. Leon Kruczkowski in Zielona Góra. The actress remained professionally active until her death. Detailed information regarding the funeral of the 85-year-old will be provided by her family in the near future.

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