Actor Ryan Grantham sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his mother. The target was to be the prime minister of Canada

Actor Ryan Grantham, known from the series “Riverdale”, was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his mother and planning an attack on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. A Canadian will not be able to apply for parole for 14 years.

On March 31, 2020, then twenty-two-year-old Ryan Grantham shot his mother Barbara Waite in the back of the head while she was playing the piano. As he pointed out, he did so so that she would not witness another murder he was planning. The ultimate goal was to be the Canadian prime minister. The act he committed was classified as second-degree murder, for which Canadian law automatically carries a sentence of life imprisonment.

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The target was to be the prime minister of Canada

The prosecution revealed that after the killing of Grantham’s mother, he had recorded a video in which he confesses to the act and shows her body. “I shot her in the back of the head,” he would say over and over. Then he bought alcohol and drugs, experimented with Molotov cocktails and watched TV series. Finally he covered his mother’s body with a sheet and went to sleep. The next day, he hung a rosary on the piano and placed candles around the body.

He then planned to go to the Justin Trudeau mansion with three guns, ammunition, camping gear, a map, and twelve Molotov cocktails. After driving 50 kilometers, he began to consider committing an “act of mass violence” at the Simon Fraser University where he had previously studied. Eventually, instead of going to the Canadian capital, he went to the Vancouver Police Station.

“He wanted to protect his mother”

The investigation revealed that months before the murder, the actor was depressed and exhibited marijuana-related disorders, and had thoughts of suicide and killing others. According to his notes, which the prosecutor’s office has found, the actor may not be able to cope with the growing popularity.

Attorney Michael Donnelly said in June that Grantham “wanted to save his mother so that she wouldn’t see what she planned to do. Barbara Waite loved her son, was a great mother, and had no reason to be afraid of him.”

The actor’s lawyers could only seek a shorter period of time before he could apply for parole. They asked the court to set this period to 12 years, arguing that Grantham himself pleaded guilty and expressed sorrow over what he had done. The federal government expected this time to be 17-18 years.

The court finally decided for 14 years. As judged by Judge Kathleen Ker, the actor’s mental problems in the months leading up to the murder were a mitigating circumstance. She also noticed that the defendant seemed really remorseful in his apology and sought psychiatric help in detention. Fortunately, she stated that he was so aware that he did not decide on a mass murder or attempt on the prime minister.

– I cannot explain or justify my actions. I have no excuse. In the face of something so terrible, saying “I’m sorry” seems pointless, but I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart – said the actor during the auditions.

Who is Ryan Grantham?

Grantham’s fame came mainly from the role of Jeffrey in the TV series “Riverdale”. He also played in other films and series, incl. “Dziennik cwaniaczka”, “iZombie”, “Nie z This Ĺ›wiat” or the film “Parnassus”, in which they starred, among others Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell. He started his career at the age of nine.

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