About The Technology That Allowed Humans To Go To The Moon

This computer had 4 kilobytes of RAM memory, and 32 kilobytes of ROM, something that seems insufficient for our time, but represented a significant progress at the time and which allowed a great achievement for humanity.


The software used for Apollo 11 was a MAC (MIT Algebraic Compiler) programming language. It was built in 1957 with the support of 300 people and was a seven-year process, yet, it managed to land the capsule in which Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin Aldrin Jr. returned to Earth.


Today’s rockets are already lighter and more compact, but for go to the moon Initially, the Saturn V rocket had a height of over 100 meters and weighed 2,700 tons with everything and fuel. For its part, the SpaceX Falcon Heavy is 70 meters tall, weighs just 1,400 tons and can carry up to 63,800 kilograms.

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suit that was used before Astronaut In go to the moon It is also an essential part of technology Which allowed man to advance in knowledge about the universe around us. suit worn by Astronaut Apollo 11 was the biggest technology At the moment, because it was made of 27 different layers with fabrics such as Lycra, Neoprene, Teflon and Dacron (a mix of polyester and cotton), as well as anti-flammable materials they sometimes took care of themselves. Expect extreme temperatures of 100 degrees or more than 100 degrees with a weight of 91 kilograms.

Today, the discovery of a new discovery, such as Artemis Luna and for Mars, on which NASA researchers have focused a lot new technologies As for the suit, specifically designed to allow humans to stay on the Moon longer.

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