Abortion on request … 16-year-old. Spain’s left-wing government has passed the law. The minors will decide about life

The law launched a parliamentary procedure; after it has been passed by the Congress of Deputies, it will be sent for approval by the Senate. The parliamentary majority of the Sanchez government wants it to enter into force before the end of term in late 2023.

Feminist Architecture

According to Equality Minister Irene Montero The Act is based on two pillars – a public health network providing voluntary termination of pregnancy and compulsory sex education in schools.

“We are profoundly transforming state policy, creating a feminist architecture towards a different sexual culture, based on the sexual freedom of all women”

explained the Minister for Equality.

The minors will decide about life

The law will allow minors aged 16 and 17 to terminate pregnancy without parental consent, and abortion will be guaranteed by the public health service. The now compulsory three days of reflection before deciding to terminate the pregnancy has been eliminated, which is related to the need to reform the penal code. After an abortion, women will have the right to days off from work and specialist support.

Except that, in all health centers and pharmacies there is to be obligatory availability of the postcoital tablet, the so-called the “morning after” tablet. Currently, they are available over the counter in pharmacies and cost € 20.

Draconian penalties for opposition

The right-wing “La Razon” calls the “witch hunt” draconian financial penalties provided for in the act against pharmacies not dispensing pills “the day after” – from 90 thousand up to EUR 1 million. The pharmacist must always have a supply “adequate to the demand” and cannot argue that the pills have run out. The right-wing media emphasize that the act does not respect the provisions of Art. 16 of the Constitution of the Right to Conscientious Objection.

Medical personnel – both in public and private institutions, referring to the right to conscientious objection will be included in special registers, as in the case of the right to euthanasia.

Source: PAP, niezalezna.pl

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