A very intimate confession by Ronaldo’s lover. He is not ashamed to say it

The beginning of this story is extremely complicated. The footballer did not want to accept for a long time that he was the father of Alex Robert. It took five years for the court to recognize Ronaldo as the boy’s biological father. Only DNA tests confirmed that Alex is the son of the former Brazilian national team star. Now it got very loud about the boy’s mother.

Today, Michele Umezu is a well-known bikini fitness competitor, and her recent confession on social media caused quite a stir. The Brazilian decided to undergo hymenoplasty to be a virgin again.

“What is it people? My body, my principles” – this is how the bodybuilder defends herself on her Instagram account and adds: “I just want to have sex as a virgin after my church wedding. I’m looking for a man with the same purpose and faith. I’m not ashamed to say it because that’s what I really want “

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