A unique wreath on the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II. One of the flowers has a symbolic meaning

On Monday, September 19, in the morning, the royal retinue departed from the Palace of Westminster to the Westminster Abbey, where the funeral mass was held. The event was national in nature, so it was recorded by cameras and broadcast both on TV and on the Internet. The moods of family members, speeches, and more attracted attention.

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The cameras were repeatedly aimed at the coffin of the British monarch. According to the local media, the coffin has been ready for 30 years and was made of the highest quality materials, incl. lead, which protects the body from decomposition. At the funeral, the coffin was covered with a royal banner, which featured an imperial crown, a handwritten note by King Charles III, and a wreath.

Flowers from which the wreath was made, at the request of the son Queen Elizabeth II, were cut from the gardens of Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Highgrove House. They were chosen for their symbolism.

It seems that the most important in this case is a flower grown from a plant that was included in her wedding bouquet in 1947 during her wedding with Prince Philipwith whom she was married for 73 years. It is about myrtle, an ancient symbol of a happy marriage.

Coffin with the body of Queen Elizabeth II – Dominic Lipinski / Press Association / East News / East News

The wreath also includes rosemary for memory and English oak, which symbolizes the power of love. Fragrant geraniums, garden roses, autumn hydrangeas and dahlias were also included.

On request King Charles III the wreath is ecological, made in a completely sustainable way, in a nest of English moss and oak branches. The flower arrangement will be buried along with the coffin.

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