A tragedy and a costly await us. Farmers’ reactions to the suspension of fertilizer production

  • Farmers emphasize that less fertilizer available on the market means higher prices
  • – It is a great unknown and another failure to keep the promise of the government, which said that Poland will produce fertilizers in a continuous manner – estimates the leader of Agro Unia, Michał Kołodziejczak
  • The increase in fertilizer prices will translate into an increase in food prices. Many farmers could not afford fertilizers before
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Łukasz Pergoł, a farmer from the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, emphasizes that farmers perceive the problem of stopping fertilizer production in a very negative way.

– Their lack means lower yields, lower profits, and this will translate into more expensive food. Suspension of production will drive up the prices of fertilizers. Many intermediary companies that have fertilizer products in their stores have stopped selling them, only to raise their prices and sell them in smaller batches. It is only about increasing the margin of intermediaries. Production without fertilizers means 3.4 times lower yields than in the case of conventional production. The Baltic Pipe gas pipeline may be an opportunity for Poland, but we do not know how much gas will flow and at what price. A cold winter is also ahead of us, because Putin will probably want to further destabilize Western economies. All this will translate into expensive food in the spring – says.

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