A touching post by Adrian Kostera. The triathlete showed his wife

“During the competition, there were hard moments at every stage. In swimming, when my stomach did not work with me and every 50 meters was torture. On the bike, when around 1200 km there were scrapes on the groin, and every movement on the saddle was painful. , when each foot on the asphalt caused excruciating pain. Then I caught one memory in my head “- wrote Kostera on the web.

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“My wife Ela was the source of my strength. And comparing our sufferings, it would be a shame to complain and withdraw. I was with her during the birth. The delivery lasted from seven in the morning to ten in the night. I saw impossible pain and suffering, but at no point did she let go of hers. The main decision was that he would not receive the injection. For her, the best interests of the baby were all that mattered, and then, when the baby was at home, she decided to breastfeed him for as long as he could breed. […] She never let go. […] Regardless of the disease, whether or not she will get enough sleep for work. Even when her back was unstable, she always made sure that the baby had milk, ironed clothes, and a freshly made bed. Who would I be if I let go of suffering in such a trivial comparison. Thank you Ela for what you have been doing and doing for our baby. Thanks for your support every day. It’s you, and now you and David give me the strength to endure everything “- wrote the triathlete in his social media.

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