A touching meeting between the defender of Azovstal and his daughter. The recording went around the network

On Friday, journalist Wioletta Kirtoka published photos of Dianov, which show that the man is very emaciated and his right arm is distorted and unnaturally bent. “The fracture has not only healed. 4 cm of the bone is missing” – wrote the journalist.

Dianov is a soldier of the 36th Independent Marines Brigade which, together with the Azov regiment and soldiers from other formations, defended Mariupol and the Azovstal plants, the last Ukrainian bridgehead in the city. He spent four months in Russian captivity.

20-year-old Kateryna Dianowa, daughter of the Azovstal defender, finally saw her father after many weeks. She posted a recording of the meeting on social media. “The moment of the first meeting with my dad after a long separation – we read in the description of the published video.

Despite the pain and exhaustion, Mikhail Dianov’s face shows a wide smile.

Eventually my father was released. This is great joy and happiness. Thank you for all your help and support – wrote the 20-year-old.

The equivalent of over 860 thousand. Within two days, the Ukrainians collected PLN for the treatment of Mykhaila Dianov. After an unhealed fracture of the arm, the man has to undergo an operation – 4 cm of bone is missing in the arm.

According to the Hromadske portal, the fundraising organizers initially counted on collecting 1.5 million hryvnia (approx. PLN 200 thousand) to help Dianov. A day after it started, the piggy bank is already 6.6 million hryvnia, or over 860 thousand. zloty.

Dianova’s sister Aliona Ławruszko revealed in one of the interviews that the man is exhausted and that before starting treatment he must gain weight, which will last at least 1.5-2 months.

Source: pravda / pap

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