A touching gesture of a young fan. The boy was consoling the goalkeeper after losing

The hosts were close to scoring and Boca didn’t score the winning goal until the 92nd minute of the game. Then the hosts goalkeeper, Ezequiel Unsain, fell onto the pitch and began hitting it with his fist. A moment later an unexpected thing happened. A young boy from the other side of the field climbed onto the pitch, ran to the player, hung around his neck and hugged him.

“I told him not to cry because football is won or lost,” Tiziano Carrizo, a young Defens y Justic supporter, told DSports radio after the game. The child confessed that Unsain was his idol and the fact that he could hug him was a dream come true for him.

The touching moment was televised for all of Argentina. The video has since been featured on the world’s largest video sharing site and has become a massive hit, with tens of thousands of views worldwide, in just a few hours.

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Tiziano Carrizo’s father, Daniel Carrizo, also gave an interview to the local press. “At the start of the game, Ezequiel told me he would play, but I didn’t believe him,” the man said. “He loves Unsain and he wanted to fulfill his dream. Well, he did it, it’s just a pity that in the lost match” – the boy’s father noted.


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