A terrified Russian woman in Crimea publishes a recording of a rocket firing

A recording of a Russian woman living or relaxing in Crimea was published today on Twitter by the independent Belarusian portal NEXTA. The film shows rockets taking off from the ground. It is a complete shock for the Russian women who witness the event.

– Look what’s going on here, it’s live broadcast. Now I am sure that we have to leave Crimea, says the Russian woman.

On Saturday morning there was an explosion in Sevastopol, the largest city of Crimea. The explosion occurred near the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The pseudo-governor of the city, Mikhail Razvoeyev, provided information about the drone attack that was not shot down, although the Russian air defense was supposed to work at that time.

Sevastopol is a city in the southern part of Crimea, approx. 270 km away from the current front line. A pillar of thick smoke rose above the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in the morning. A loud explosion was heard around 8.17 local time.

A video appeared on the network showing the alleged drone that attacked the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet.

The recordings show clouds of smoke over Sevastopol.

In the Russian-occupied Crimea this month we are dealing with a real series of explosions. On August 9, a fire broke out at the “Saki” airfield in the area of ​​the Novofedorivka settlement. At least nine Russian planes have been destroyed.

On August 16, ammunition was detonated in the warehouse of a military unit near the city of Jankoy. The weapons warehouse there exploded.

Due to these events, many Russian citizens leave Crimea because they no longer feel safe there.

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