A terrible day for the Russians. Massive losses at the front

A terrible day for the Russians. Massive losses at the front

According to the Ukrainian staff, 23 Iranian Shahed-136 drones used by Russia were knocked down on Tuesday. The Air Force Command informed about the shooting down of another 12 of them during the night.

Six unmanned aerial vehicles were destroyed in the area of ​​responsibility of the East Air Force Command, another six – in the area under the responsibility of the Center Command. Russia uses Shahed-136 drones (with Russian designation Geran-2) purchased in Iran, including for attacks on critical civilian infrastructure of Ukraine. Since mid-September, Ukrainian forces have shot down more than 300 such machines.

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The Ukrainian army also destroyed 16 Russian tanks, 24 armored vehicles, seven artillery systems, one air defense system, one plane and one helicopter. 800 soldiers died, were injured or taken prisoner.

Iran plans to send more combat drones to Russia as well as supply its ballistic missiles for use in Ukraine, which will strengthen Moscow’s dependence on Iranian weapons – assesses the War Research Institute (ISW) in its latest report.

The Ukrainian military intelligence informed about the planned new arms deliveries. According to CNN sources, it is also planned to hand over Iranian ballistic missiles to Moscow.

“This would be the first time that Russia has delivered advanced precision guided missiles. Russia has probably negotiated additional supplies of weapons due to the depletion of its missiles and drones during the war against Ukraine, especially in the campaign of attacks on Ukrainian critical infrastructure,” the analytical center reported.

He estimates that Russia will most likely continue these attacks to counterbalance its failures at the front. “The dependence on Iranian weapons systems will therefore likely increase,” writes the ISW.

Source: Twitter; PAP

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