A surprising discovery in drones fighting in Ukraine

According to a document published by the Center, the drone flight control unit contained five printed circuit boards with US-based processors. The components identified in Shahed-131 are freely available on the market, the Ukrainian army said in a statement.

Shahed-131 and Shahed-136 are Iranian combat kamikaze drones with a range of 2.5 thousand. km, used by Russian troops in Ukraine. On August 26, the PA reported that Tehran had handed over “hundreds of drones” to Moscow, deciding to make the move despite Washington’s warnings.

On September 23, there were reports of an attack by Iranian drones on targets in Odessa on the Black Sea. Following this information, the Ukrainian authorities decided to deprive the Iranian ambassador of accreditation and to reduce the Iranian diplomatic staff in Kiev.

“The Iranian side was informed that the supply of Iranian weapons to Russia for further use by the Russian military against Ukrainian civilians and defense forces is directly contrary to the publicly declared position of neutrality, respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine” – reads the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kiev. The statement added that supplying Russia with weapons to wage war against Ukraine is “an act of hostility that deals a serious blow to Ukraine-Iran relations.”

Following this decision, Iran said it “regrets” Ukraine’s decision to downgrade diplomatic relations over reports of Iranian drone deliveries to Russia. Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani “instructed” Ukraine to “free itself from the influence of third parties who want to destroy relations between the two countries.”

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