A strange flight route of a Russian plane from Moscow to Cuba

Cuba was a very popular tourist destination for RussiansAs early as January 2022, four airlines (Aeroflot, AZUR Air, Nordwind and Royal Flight) operated 17 return flights a week.

Cuban authorities are pleased with plans to resume cruises to the island and they hope that other tour operators and airlines will follow suit, “said Juan Carlos Escalona, ​​head of the Cuban Tourism Council in Russia.

Flight route Moscow – Varadero – flightradar24.com

Nordwind will fly the Boeing 777-300ER on a route that was already tested in August on flights from Moscow to Caracas, Venezuela. The plane will first fly from Moscow to the north and then through the Barents Sea it will circle the airspace of Finland, Sweden and Norwaythen it will fly west over the Norwegian Sea and then south between Greenland and Iceland, without entering Canadian or US airspace.

A serious question is about alternate aerodromes in the event of an emergency landing (for example, due to engine failure) – the plane will have to land in countries that have sided with Ukraine. The US, Canada or the EU are unlikely to refuse an emergency landing, but what will happen next with passengers and machines that are leased and belong to Irish companies – it is not known. Both Nordwind Boeing’s are owned by DAE Capital.

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