A stolen Picasso painting was found by drug dealers in Iraq

So far, 1,300 suspects have been arrested and over 80 kg of drugs and other intoxicating substances seized. Last Saturday, three people were arrested and found a Picasso painting worth millions of dollars.

– The Drug Department has carried out an operation in Dijala Province. Three people involved in the transport and sale of drugs were detained there. A painting of Picasso was found on them, said Colonel Bilal Sobhi, director of the press office of the Anti-Drugs Division, to the Iraqi Press Agency.

Iraqi authorities did not provide any details about the painting, nor did they show a photo of it. Nothing is known about the fact that the painting was to be examined by experts who would confirm its authenticity. It is also unknown whether other works of art were found with the traders.

During a meeting with the media, Sobhi emphasized that there are connections between drug trafficking, murders, kidnappings and the trafficking of stolen antiquities.

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