A series of explosions in the Crimea, the Russian fleet has a new commander. Summary of the night

On the Crimean peninsula for the next day, shots were heard, and anti-aircraft defense systems were active in occupied Sevastopol. Witnesses also heard explosions in Yevpatoria.

On Friday evening, both the Ukrainian media and the Russian side reported about the explosions that terrified the inhabitants of Crimea. Recordings of, among others, from Yevpatoria. This is one of the oldest cities in Crimea, it is the center of the western part of the peninsula.

Explosions were also heard in Sevastopol. The head of the Russian occupation government in the city announced that Russian air defense systems are active. Mikhail Razvozhev also stated that the Russian air defense system shot down drones.

The explosions were also recorded in Russian-occupied Melitopol in southern Ukraine.

The mayor of Mykolaiv also informed about powerful explosions in the city.

Germany will provide Ukraine with two hundred and fifty-five Vulcano precision artillery ammunition, Ukrinform informed on Friday evening on the basis of a statement from the federal government. “Planned military aid for Ukraine includes 255 Vulcano 155 mm missiles,” Ukrinform quotes in an excerpt from the federal government’s statement.

“According to reports from the Russian news agency Tass, Vice Admiral Viktor N. Sokolov has been appointed the new commander,” the New York Times reported.

As NYT writes, “The Black Sea Fleet takes part in a special military operation and successfully carries out all the tasks set before it,” Sokolov, 60, told officers, using Kremlin terminology to describe the war in Ukraine.

Russia only needs pipelines to deliver problems to Europe, and not to help deliver gas, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a recording posted on social media.

Zelenskiy referred to Gazprom’s announcement that from August 31, the only operational turbine of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline will be stopped for three days for technical inspection, and therefore there will be no gas supplies to Germany during this period.

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