A scientist from Moscow is dead. He died in unclear circumstances

“On September 21, 2022, Anatoly Nikolaevich Gerashchenko, doctor of technical sciences, professor, advisor to the rector of the Moscow Aviation Institute, died as a result of an accident. At the moment, a commission is being established to investigate this fact, which will include representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, the State Labor Inspectorate in Moscow and the Moscow Aviation Institute “- the university informed.

Earlier, there was information in the media that 72-year-old Gerashchenko died within the walls of the university, falling from a great height.

Gerashchenko was the rector of the Moscow Aviation Institute in 2007-2015. He was a scientist specializing in the field of aircraft propulsion and engines, author of over 100 scientific papers and articles in the field of propulsion systems.

This is not the first such mysterious death. In Russia, since the initiation of the war with Ukraine, there have been more reports of mysterious deaths among businessmen, oligarchspeople occupying high positions in the services be in state-owned companies.

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