A scandal in the most popular US competitions. “You should go to jail” [WIDEO]

NFL (National Football League) is the most popular sports competition in the United States. Everyone game attracts millions of fans in front of the screens, and on stadiums tens of thousands of viewers. 32 teams play in the league, which are divided into two conferences, American (AFC) and national (NFC). These, in turn, are divided into four divisions. The best team at AFC is the Miami Dolphins team after four games.

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Irresponsible behavior of the NFL club. The association wants an explanation, the doctor is threatening with murder charges

The Miami team faced the Cincinnati Bengals for their fourth victory in the ongoing competition on Thursday. After the first quarter, the rivals were in the lead 9: 3. Two more fell prey to Delfinów, who were leading 15:14 before the last part of the match. The last quarter is a show of Cincinnati footballers, who scored 13 points and won 27:15.

In the initial phase of the second quarter, Tuy Tagovailoa, a dolphin player who looked threatening, fell down. He was knocked over by the rivals football player and hit his head hard on the pitch. The competitor was unconscious for a long time, and as it turns out, he suffered a serious head and neck injury. The Miami team reported the footballer’s health via Twitter. – Tua Tagovailoa was taken to a local hospital for further diagnosis. He is aware and can move all limbs – it is written.

Tagovailoa in friday went out on the pitch after suffering a concussion in Matchday 3 against Buffalo Bills. The player’s display sparked protests from the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), which is demanding an explanation from the club. – The health and safety of the players is the cornerstone of the union’s mission. Our concern today is Tua and we hope to get a full and quick recovery. Our investigation into a potential protocol violation is ongoing, the association said in a statement on Twitter.

Neurobiologist Chris Nowinski went a step further. The doctor even threatened the team with a murder charge. – You should go to prisons for letting him play 5 days after the obvious concussion you covered up. If he dies of Second Strike Syndrome, I am making a murder charge, we read on Twitter. His next entry had an equally critical expression. – I foresaw it and I hate to be right. Two such injuries in five days can kill, can end a career, he added.

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