A Russian collaborator was killed in an attack. There was also a baby in the car

The information about the death of Ivan Sushko in the attack was confirmed by the Ukrainian UNIAN agency. The Ukrainian portal obozrevatel.com reports that the explosion took place at approx. 8 a.m. and Suszka’s partner’s child was also in the car. According to the website, Ukrainian partisans are behind the attack.

The killed man became the leader of the Mikhailovka collaborative administration in April 2022. A few years earlier, he ran for the local government on behalf of the pro-Russian Opposition Bloc party.

After the reports of Suszka’s death, photos of him in the Red Army uniform appeared on the Internet.

A few hours after the first information, recordings showing the damaged car that Suszko traveled were published on the Internet.

A few days ago, the Ukrainian media informed about the attack on the collaborationist leader Konstantin Ivashchenko in the occupied Mariuopol. The explosive was to be placed at the entrance to the local zoo. Ivashchenko survived the attack.

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