A row in front of Biedronka. She took the food out of the shop’s trash and got a fine

Ewelina, 31, is studying Polish Studies at the University of BiaƂystok. He takes food out of the grocery dumpsters not because of poverty, but because of his beliefs. I do not want food thrown away by supermarkets to be wasted – writes portal poranny.pl.

On the day of the row, she drove her car to Biedronka at ul. Transport. She pulled some fruit, vegetables and dairy from the container. She put the products in the box in her car and got into the car. Then a security guard approached her. He told her to get the box out of the vehicle and go with it to the back room. According to the woman’s account, he threatened to use gas.

The man sprayed pepper spray through the open window. I started choking, opened the door. Then the security guard grabbed the handcuffs and tried to handcuff me. My survival instinct was on. Sitting on the armchair, I tried to push it away with my legs – said Ms Ewelina in an interview with the poranny.pl portal.

The security guard called the police to the scene. She estimated that the products that Ms Ewelina took with her were worth PLN 108.99. The woman got a fine of 200 zlotys. Mrs. Ewelina accepted him, but now she regrets it. She submitted a request to cancel the mandate.

– It’s not even about the money. I do not agree to calling taking things out of the garbage can theft. I did not do anything ethically wrong – emphasizes the 31-year-old.

The woman also reported to the police, claiming that the security guard acted inadequately to the situation. Her report is being verified, the police asked Biedronka to provide the recording from the surveillance cameras.

– The security guard intervened in a cultural and calm manner. The video surveillance shows that the woman entered the shop ramp and took out the contents of the waste container, behaving aggressively towards the security guard. She tried to drive away from the scene by cutting the hands of our employee – Dorota Bryk, senior sales manager at the Biedronka chain told journalists.

Source: poranny.pl

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