A romantic entry by Bartosz Kurek. What beautiful words for my wife!

In the final of the volleyball world championship, Poland lost to Italy 1–3 and thus won the silver medal. For the Biało-Czerwonych, not only the fans, but also their families were keeping their fingers crossed. Anna Kurek, who has faithfully supported Bartosz Kurek for several years, was also present in the stands.

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Bartosz Kurek showed a romantic photo with his wife. Beautiful words were spoken

The captain of the Polish staff posted a romantic entry on Instagram. Bartosz Kurek published a photo on social networks in which he embraced his wife after the World Cup final. “My whole world,” he signed a beautiful photo.

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Internet users were delighted. “Our wonderful Chanterelles”, “The most important thing is to have someone with whom you have the greatest support”, “Wonderful couple of yours”, “Słodko” – they wrote in the comments.

Anna Kurek also boasted a great photo with her husband on the web. – I am so proud of Bartoza that I am about to blaze – she confessed to her followers on Instagram. “Kooooooooooh,” the volleyball player turned to his wife.

“We are all proud”, “The best support in the world. I keep my fingers crossed for the league season”, “Beautiful, wonderful, talented. Bravo Bartek and bravo you Ania, because it’s your joint success” – commented the fans.


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