A record indexation of pensions is in the works: if the benefits increase. For what increase in the lowest pension, check [20.08.2022]

In just over a week, pensioners will receive the second additional benefit this year – the so-called fourteenth pension. Everything indicates that despite inflation close to 16%, this will be the last money for this group of Poles this year. Inevitably, the burden of attention and discussion is shifted to the next year: the expected indexation of pensions, additional benefits and – what is equally important – an increase in the cost of living, the aggregate indicator of which is the level of inflation.

When it comes to additional benefits, one thing is certain: in the spring, it will once again be the thirteenth pension. This is because this is guaranteed by the applicable law – the act.

What about the fourteenth pension? Formally, there are no legal guarantees, because the applicable regulations only provided for the payment of fourteen to pensioners in 2022. Nevertheless, the minister of the family, Marlena MalÄ…g, has repeatedly publicly declared that the government is working on solutionswhich would guarantee pensioners two additional benefits per year: the thirteenth in the spring and the fourteenth retirement pension at the turn of summer and autumn.

It is true that, on the other hand, it is known that in the assumptions to next year’s budget, provided, inter alia, The expenditure in the form of the fourteenth pensions was not provided for in Brussels, which was pointed out by economists, but from a formal point of view it is not an obstacle for the payment of such money to pensioners next year, provided that it is guaranteed by a previously adopted law.

Easier answer to the second question. The indexation will be rather one, because unlike the minimum wage, the statutes do not mention two indexations per year – in the Act on the minimum wage, such a mechanism is enshrined and intended for times such as now – high inflation.

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Of course, the act can be changed and the same provision can be introduced into the act on the indexation of pensions. However, neither this year nor the next one should expect such a change. Therefore, it is known that the indexation of pensions, as usual, will take place on March 1, as will the increase in the minimum wage twice: on January 1 and July 1, 2023.


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