A quarrel of the Russians conscripted into the army. They want one [WIDEO]

A quarrel of the Russians conscripted into the army. They want one [WIDEO]

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told Vladimir Putin on October 28 that partial mobilizationwhich began on September 21 is coming to an end. Szojgu explained that 300,000 people were called to the army. people.

However, analysts and experts are skeptical and point out that until the end of the so-called partial mobilization, an appropriate decree is needed. Meanwhile According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the decree formalizing the cessation of mobilization “is not needed”.

There is no doubt, however, that Putin’s decision to mobilize in Russia should not be treated as a success. Chaos reigns, and mobilized people are called “Putin’s cannon fodder” by Western commentators. Thousands of men have fled Russia from military coercion, and some of those who remain do not have adequate training or equipment.

What’s more, according to the Meduza portal, the Russian authorities will not compensate the military for the costs incurred for the purchase of equipment. The financial issues apparently also divided the group of men drafted into the army, who – as can be seen in the video below – demand the “promised” one-off payment of PLN 300,000. rubles ($ 5,000).

In fact, the deputies who submitted the bill, according to which the mobilized members were to be guaranteed various benefits (including financial ones), quietly withdrew it.

The rest of the text below the video.

The fate of the bill no. 200027-8 was mentioned in their reports by, among others, the War Research Institute (ISW). The American think tank said that Russian deputies of the State Duma withdrew the bill that would give mobilized men a one-time payment of 300,000. rubles and other benefits, without giving the reason for your decision.

ISW referred to the information published on the Telegram channel “Rossija na iglie” (Polish: Russia on the needle).

“Members of the State Duma withdrew the bill No. 200027-8» On state aid measures for citizens of the Russian Federation called up for military service to mobilize in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and their family members, and to amend certain legal acts of the Russian Federation «” – wrote on Telegram running the channel “Russia on the needle”.

source: Medusa, ISW, Twitter, Telegram

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