A plus lantern. The minister announced a new support program

There will be a program for street lighting – announced on Wednesday Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Buda. On radio, Zet was asked what he would say to local governments that want to turn off street lighting.

Where should local governments get money for financing, for example, lighting in a situation when electricity prices are high? – There will be a program for outdoor street lighting, etc. Low-energy solutions will be co-financed. However, as for local governments, it is these solutions that we have talked about that are to provide funds to support local government institutions – said Buda.

Earlier, the minister said that funds that will come from taxing companies with the tax on excess profits.

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced in mid-September that “public administration, including local government administration, each institution will have to limit energy consumption.”

Energy-efficient outdoor and street lighting is our next big step – a solution that we have developed together with many local governments and that will serve Poles and save energy.. This street lighting, outdoor lighting, we want it to be modernized in such a way that it consumes less energy. (…) We will start such a program all over Poland. We will prepare adequate support for local governments to start the implementation of this program as soon as possible this winter, which will probably last several quarters – Morawiecki informed at the time.

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