A patriotic bench in Lublin built without registration. “I have the impression that someone is ashamed”

Theater Square in Lublin is one of the focal points in the city. – A PiS bench was placed in front of one of the most beautiful buildings. Without a permit, without an application to the Department of Architecture, says TOK FM, a member of the Civic Platform, Micha³ Krawczyk, who informed the district construction inspector about the case. – It is an object of small architecture in a public place and should be declared. This is what the law says – he adds.

The case, however, is not so obvious. The bench actually stopped without being reported. The director of the city’s Department of Architecture, Magdalena Zbiciak, tells us that her hands are tied. – As the Faculty of Architecture – due to the lack of application – we do not have the competence to act. Construction supervision authorities have such competences – he informs.

Pawe³ Kwiecieñ, spokesman for the building supervision inspectorate, announces that the inspection will take a closer look. – Inspectors will carry out an appropriate inspection and, if necessary, take appropriate actions in this matter – he assures. But he immediately adds that there will be no grounds for initiating administrative proceedings, because the bench does not necessarily turn out to be an object of small architecture.

So we decided to ask at the source

The Theater Square is managed by the Center for the Meeting of Cultures, an institution reporting to the voivodship marshal. The marshal is a politician appointed by PiS. The spokesman of the marshal, Andrzej Goliszek, informed us that the company HACKETT HAMILTON Sp. z o. o. with its seat in Warsaw. It is an agency established in tender in February 2022 “The application form was received by CSK on August 31, 2022. The square was made available on the basis of a commercial short-term lease agreement with the Center for the Meeting of Cultures” – indicated Goliszek.

At the same time, he added that, according to the agreement, the bench would not be standing on the square indefinitely. It was classified as an “artistic installation” and thus – as Goliszek emphasized – it is not subject to construction supervision. He added that, according to the agreement, the installation will be exhibited at Teatralny Square until November 30th.

– I have such an impression that someone is ashamed of putting up this bench. On the one hand, he wants to put it, and on the other – he is ashamed and therefore he does not report it anywhere – comments the deputy Michał Krawczyk. – It turns out that you can easily place something on two concrete pedestals on two concrete pedestals, the shape of which resembles the contours of Poland, with a bench in the middle, with idiotic rules of use. And this way you can spoil one of the coolest spaces in the city – adds the parliamentarian.

Patriotic bench in Lublin – regulations Photo Mateusz Stanicki

Patriotic benches with the outline of Poland are to be erected in 16 voivodship cities. They will cost almost two million zlotys. T.for the initiative of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. A structure in the shape of the contours of Poland have been set, among others in Gdansk in front of the Museum of the Second World War, in Wroc³aw in front of the Main Railway Station or in Białystok. About the confusion in this last city we wrote on the city.tokfm.pl.

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