A new weapon in the hands of Kim Jong Un. Launch a ship armed with ballistic missiles?

Analysts at the think tank cite new satellite images of the shipyard in Sinpo Harbor, on the country’s east coast, showing six barges and surface vessels gathered around the quay of the shipyard’s building hall.

As we read in the analysis, so far so many units have never been observed in the area of ​​the building hall and part of the quay for submarines of the shipyard. Analysts therefore believe that such increased activity is related to preparations for the launch of a new submarine.

The first reports of the construction of a new submarine by North Korea appeared in 2016. In 2019, the North Korean media showed the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, inspecting the construction works of the ship, which is being built “under his special supervision”.

In May, North Korea tested a submarine ballistic missile near the Sinpo shipyard.

North Korean state media did not indicate what weapons systems the new ship was supposed to have, or when exactly the inspection took place. However, an analysis of the photos of the ship and the size of the vessel indicated that it could carry ballistic missiles.

North Korea has a large submarine fleet, but only one experimental submarine capable of carrying ballistic missiles.

In May, North Korea conducted a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) test near the Sinpo shipyard.

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