A new tranche of US aid to Ukraine. Poland will also benefit significantly from this

During his visit to Kiev, Blinken announced that Ukraine will receive another billion dollars from the US in long-term Foreign Military Financing (FFM).

The received money will be able to spend on the purchase of American weapons, tailored to their needs on the battlefield. Another billion is to be divided among its allies who are most exposed to Russian aggression. During a meeting with Ukrainian politicians, Blinken informed that the Biden administration had already informed Congress about it.

Money from the Foreign Military Financing will be received, among others, by Poland. They will be divided among 17 countries. Apart from Poland, the list also includes Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. According to the State Department statement, this money will help “deter and defend against emerging threats to their sovereignty and territorial integrity” by increasing their military capacity and integration with NATO, as well as “countering Russian influence and aggression”.

“This aid once again demonstrates our continued commitment to the future of Ukraine as a democratic, sovereign and independent state, as well as the security of allies and partners in the region”

the State Department said. Congress still has to consent to the transfer of Foreign Military Financing, but it is rather a formality – all previous support packages for Ukraine were overwhelmingly voted, and helping that country and securing other countries in the region is one of the few things on which both US parties agree.

This is another aid announced today. Earlier, during a meeting at the Ramstein base in Germany, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced another package of weapons, worth $ 675 million. It will include, among others howitzers, ammunition, armored vehicles, armored ambulances or anti-tank systems. Austin said with the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the south, “war is at another crucial moment” and “we now see the evident success of our joint efforts.”. In total, the Biden administration has already donated more than $ 15 billion to support Ukraine.

Before meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, Blinken visited the American Embassy and then went to the Ohmatdyt National Specialized Pediatric Hospital. There he met with children who were injured as a result of Russian bombing, incl. with 6-year-old Maryna from Chersonia, who lost her leg after a Russian rocket hit their family home. He handed out their toys and told their parents that “the spirit of your children has sent a very strong message to the whole world.”

In the hospital corridor, Blinken also met the Patron – the famous Jack Russel terrier, who helps Ukrainian soldiers find the mines left by the Russians. The dog was supposed to find over 200 of them and became one of the symbols of this war. Blinken crouched down to pet him and gave him a treat. He stated that the inconspicuous dog is already famous all over the world.

Source: niezalezna.pl

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